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Mission Hills Heritage Sues City Over Uptown Community Plan Update

Mission Hills Heritage has filed a legal challenge to the City's approval of the Uptown Community Plan Update. Apparently bowing to pressure from development interests, the San Diego City Council adopted a last minute re-write of the Uptown Community Plan that had been in the making for over seven years. Only days before the City Council voted, the Planning Department threw out land use maps that had been developed through years of community input and replaced them with maps based on the old 1988 plan. Similarly, the environmental analysis underpinning the project was hastily recrafted to fit the revised plan without properly analyzing and addressing that plan's numerous, unmitigated impacts on the community. (Read the full press release HERE)

As mentioned at the Members Coffee on February 4, we have
more information regarding historic districts in Mission Hills.

Click HERE to read about historic districts and
view the map of those currently existing in Mission Hills.

Click HERE to see the potential historic district
overlay zone in Uptown.
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